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Hotel Business in Japan

Accounting Book making

AOIRO SHINKOK(あおいろしんこく)& Tax saving

Average land price in

Blue tax filing & Tax saving

comparison with average rental fee

Average land price in Tokyo

Blog about real estate investment

Buy or rent an apartment in Japan ( In the case of small apartment in Tokyo)

Building that can not rebuild

Broker’ s fee

Change of rental fee by aging of real estate

Changes of average price of newly built apartment, land price for long period

Consumption tax and real estate

Conversion of  Japanese style lavatory into Western style lavatory

Comparison of sales price of apartment and rental fee in same ㎡

Contact Form

Consumption tax refund and real estate

Depreciation cost of used real estate

Duty of report about real estate transaction

Electric water heater

Fire insurance for real estate,

Fee of Lawyer

Flow chart of real estate transaction

Fire prevention act

Food sanitation act

Gift tax and real estate

Housing loan deduction ( Jutaku loan kojo ) in Japan

Inheritance and real estate

Income tax on capital gain on real estate transaction

Income tax and resident tax in the case a foreigner has real estate in Japan, ( Shotoku zei and Jumin zei )

Inheritance, Korean or Chinese or Singaporean

Inheritance tax and gift tax

Jutaku loan kojo

Joudo shotoku

Key money or Deposit in Renting Apartment

Lease of real estate

Page in Chinese language

Purchase tax, property tax, registration tax, fee for realtor

Rental Apartment in Wako city in Saitama prefecture

Realtor’ s fee

Refund of consumption tax

Registration tax, Purchase tax, property tax

Renovation cost

Real estate transaction


Roji  (路地)

Reason why there are many vacant houses

Renting an apartment

Setsudou (connecting road)

Shokuhin Eisei hou

Shohizei (消費税)

Souzoku and real estate

system of realtor’s fee in buying and selling real estate

Shihoushoshi’s fee

Tax accountant fee and Real estate Investment

Unpopular room arrangement

Value and age of real estate

Will and real estate

Regarding lawyer’s (shihoshoshi, 司法書士) fee

If you are introduced lawyer from real estate broker, you can contact me to know market price of lawyer’s fee.
Some of lawyer (who has special connection with specific real estate broker) try to charge very high fee.

Lawyer in Tokyo, Japan, Tomohiko AKIYAMA

Tel o3-3536-5691

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LINE  akiyamajapan

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As a Shiho-shoshi lawyer (=司法書士, Similar to solicitor)in Japan, I have assisted non Japanese speakers to purchase or sale or rent real estate in Japan.
When a person purchases or sale real estate that is located in Japan, he/she needs to hire Shiho-shoshi lawyer. So, I believe if you hire me as Shiho-shoshi lawyer, you can solve language problem in your transaction. Moreover if you hope to find suitable real estate in Japan, I can assist you to find suitable one. Most of real estate broker can not understand Foreign language. So, my support should be useful for you.


Important knowledge in purchasing a real estate

Real estate that is not located in center of Tokyo Kenpei Ritsu and yoseki ritsu Borrowing money from bank to purchase a real estate Reconstruction disables real estate
The most popular station, city for potential renters in Japan Regarding estate company ( Fudousan ya = real estate broker = realtor ) in Japan

System of real estate broker in Japan

Buying real estate in japan and role of realtor  Explanation of real estate company’s website in japan How to find a cheap property in Japan System of real estate registry in Japan
How to find a renter for your real estate in Japan. No,1 How to find a renter for your real estate in Japan. No, 2 How to understand real estate information In Tokyo and neighboring prefecture, population is still growing How to obtain permit to buy farm land in Japan How to engage in agriculture in Japan
  How to buy farm land ( = agricultural land =nouchi ) in Japan You may rebuild your house on site that does not connect with 4 meters width road
Important matters to relating to real estate transaction in Japan How to find real estate in japan even if you do not know Japanese language How to acquire very valuable information of real estate in Japan Earth quake insurance in Japan
Foreigners can own real estate in japan without restriction Vacancy rate of Apartment in Japan
Trends in number of households and average number of household members
When a foreigner buys real estate in Japan, notification to the Minister of Finance is necessary based on Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act ( Gaikoku kawase hou = 外国為替法 = 外為法 ) There are many affordable properties in the suburbs of Tokyo
When a person purchases real estate in Japan, Special provisions is indispensable Which is better to buy or rent an apartment in Japan ( In the case of small apartment in Tokyo, for 5 years) Leasing real estate in Japan Fixed Term Building Lease
Legal Information in Japan
Business Diary of Real estate in Japan and its law, tax

System of Real estate company in Japan

Buying Real estate without hiring seller’s side realtor in Japan Buying real estate in Japan and agency agreement Regarding Real Estate Company in Japan

Example of real estate investors in Japan

Apartment for Investment in Kyoto, Japan. foreclosed property Apartment in Chigasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan Blog of real estate investor who bought 2 million yen apartment in Japan Buying a small apartment that can collect only cheap rental income in Japan may be risky investment
A real estate that clever persons should not buy Apartment for investment in Hakata ward, Fukuoka city. Yield rate : 11% Example of real estate investment in Japan Apartment for investment in Hakata ward, Fukuoka city. Yield rate : 11%
Diary of a foreign national who purchased a real estate in Japan Example of breakdown of income balance of apartment

Example of income balance of Apartment in Saitama Introduction of a female real estate investor who owns real estate with 49 % yield on investment
Introduction of a person who invests in property to rent out for foreign nationals in Japan Introduction of a real estate investor in Japan Introduction of a real estate investor who gets 30% yield on investment Introduction of concrete example of real estate investment in Japan
Introduction of housewife real estate investor in Japan, ( net yield of 17 % ) Introduction of public auction ( Kobai= 公売) Introduction of real estate in Fukuoka, japan ( old information. As of now, I do not recommend you to purchase a real estate in Fukuoka for investment ) Introduction of real estate in Japan
Real estate investment of detached house in Japan

Real estate and tax in Japan

Stamp duty ( = Inshi zei = 印紙税 ) Corporation tax at the time of sale of real estate Percentage of taxable sales and refund of consumption tax Real estate income in the case of co-ownership
Repair cost and Capital expenditure in real estate investment in Japan, No.1 Repair cost and Capital expenditure relating to property in Japan. No.2 Repair cost and Capital expenditure in Real Estate in Japan, No.3 Business tax ( Jigyo zei = 事業税 ) in the case non resident has real estate in Japan
How to reserve a fund for future repair of real estate in Japan without paying income tax.NO,1 How to reserve a fund for future repair of real estate in Japan without paying income tax NO,2
Property tax (固定資産税=こていしさんぜい) in Japa Purchase tax (不動産取得税=hudousan shutokuzei) of real estate in Japan Registration tax (登録免許税= Touroku menkyozei ) on real estate purchase
Scheme for tax avoidance ( Setsuzei ) by means of old property in Japan Tax payment administrator ( Nozei kanri nin = 納税管理人) Tax report for overseas property Tax information relating to real estate in Japan Depreciation cost and Negative cash flow in real estate investment
How to perform real estate income tax filing in Japan

Inheritance in Japan

a How to calculate road sides land price ( Rosenka = 路線価 ) Formalities of wills in Japan
Procedure of inheritance in the case an deceased is American Inheritance Tax of Japan, Nationality and Address

Information of specific real estate in Japan ( How to understand information of real estate )

Apartment in 7 minutes from Shinjuku station Apartment in Den en chofu ( 田園調布 ), Ota ward, Tokyo, yield rate 9 %, 5.6 million yen Apartment in Omori, Otaku, Tokyo, 5million yen, net yield 8.2 % ( explanation about tax, cost with example) Real estate in Kawaguchi city, Saitama prefecture
Yields rate of 12.63% apartment in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture Introduction of real estate in Saitama, Japan Apartment in Omiya ward, Saitama city, Yield 7%, Nice location Introduction of real estate in Tokyo, Japan
Yield of 10.9 % Apartment in Kyoto, Japan Testimonial from client Making a company in Japan
日本語のページ Articles written in Japanese language 台湾で発行された戸籍等を日本での不動産登記に使う場合の認証手続き 台湾人と不動産登記 台湾人が不動産を買う場合の住所の記載方法についての注意点
台湾人が不動産を買う場合の住所の証明書類(=住民票、戸籍) 相続登記 相続登記2
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