In the case you operate guest house business, lodge business, hotel business, Airbnb business, there are two options.
You obtain Hotel Inn License based on Hotel Business law.

Or you register your real estate based on New Minpaku Law (Date of enforcement is 15th, June, 2018)

New Minpaku Law was adopted by Japanese government though, each ward can stipulate its ordinance (Jourei) to enforce this law.

Here I would like to explain ordinance stipulated by Shibuya ward.

You (Minpaku Business Operator = a person who rents out its real estate to guest, tourist etc) needs to prepare emergency food, drinks in your Hotel (where your guest stays).

You need to inform neighboring persons of your operation seven days prior to registration based on New Minpaku law.

You can NOT operate your New Minpaku Hotel Business in exclusive residential zone nor school zone.

(Other than duration of summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation)

However this regulation does not apply to cases where you operate your New Minpaku Hotel Business within 100 meters from your residence or Minpaku administrator company and you or Minpaku administrator company are member of neighboring association.

In the case of other zoning, there is not such regulation. So, you can operate your New Minpaku Hotel Business all year around.

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