Airbnb business and distance to school…

If a rea estate is close to elementary school, it can be operated only weekend

Assumed that you own an independent house in Otaru-city, Hokkaido, Japan and plan to operate airbnb business (Minpaku business).

In the case of Minpaku business, you can operate up to 180 days per a year basically.

However each city, prefecture can stipulate its own rule.

Then in the case of Otaru city, Hokkaido, if a minpaku facility is within 100 meters of entrance, gate of specific elementary schools (meaning not all schools), host can operate Minpaku business only weekend.

If a host can stay in his Minpaku hotel, above regulatin is not applied

However when a host can stay in a part of his Minpaku hotel (it will be his residence) during his guests stay in his Minpaku hotel, he can operate Minpaku business on weekdays , too.

Because if a host is staying in his Minpaku hotel, he can solve a problem caused by his guests without delay.



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