4)  In the case you operate Minpaku (180 days limitation) . If you are living in room 101 and minpaku room is 102 in the same building. In this case, this is included in 家主不在型 minpaku.

But as far as you can find accident ocurred in room 102 right away, you do not need to hire 管理業者。

But as far as fire prevention law is concerned it is completely regarded as 家主不在型. so, you need to install fire prevention facilities.

5th, September, 2018

as for Minpaku registration in Japan.

In the case you apply for minpaku registration (with 180 days limitation), you will install necessary fire prevention facilities. You will order fire safety company and install fire extinguisher, automatic fire alarm(自動火災報知機), Emergency exit light (誘導灯). These equipments are stipulated in fire prevention law. But he may not install emergency lighting (非常用照明設備). Because it is stipulated by building standard law. So, when you install necessary equipment, you also need to hire architect, even if room area is less than 100 sqm.
5th, September, 2018

as for Minpaku registration in Japan.

In the case non resident of Japan applies for Minpaku registration, basically she needs to prepare statutory declaration that certifies her legal address.

However depending on authority, soft copy of passport and mail (envelope etc) that clarifies she has received mail from other person with her address written in passport.
5th, September, 2018

1)  in the case you purchase a detached house in Sumida ward, Tokyo and obtain hotel license.
you or your employee needs to stay in your hotel all time (when there is a guest in your hotel) or you need to prepare employees (because she will sleep for several hours) who can come to your hotel within 10 minutes by walk.
So, you will find a person who wants to live in your hotel and become manager of your hotel. 
She does not need to pay rental fee. And she will be retired person.
4th, September, 2018
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