Convert Japanese style lavatory into Western style lavatory in real estate in Japan..

When a person look for very cheap property to invest in Japan, she may find a real estate property that is equipped with Japanese style lavatory.

Several decades ago, this kind of lavatory was popular. So, when she tries to invest in old real estate in Japan, she will encounter this lavatory.

And now many people do not like to use this lavatory.

So, if she tries to rents out her real estate, she needs to convert the lavatory to modern style lavatory.

In this page, I will explain necessary cost to reform it.

According to a company, it costs about 204,800 yen including new lavatory and fee for carpenter.
And it will take only 2 days to complete the construction.

In the case market price of a house with western style lavatory is 5,204,800 yen, a market price of a house with Japanese style lavatory ( same age and location and room area. ) may be much cheaper than 5 million yen.

So, please do not hesitate to invest in a house with Japanese style lavatory.

source of this picture is

source of this picture is


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