Experience in Minpaku registration in Hokkaido, Japan

How to register your real estate as Minpaku Hotel in Japan

Confirmation of Floor plan and zoning

She purchased 4 small detached houses (house number 1, 2, 3, 4) in Japan this year.

She wants to rent it out via airbnb website.

She wanted to advertise her real estates in website of airbnb. In order to display her real estate in its website, she needs to obtain hotel license or acquire Minpaku registration number.

She is not living in Japan. But when she stays in house number 4, she will accommodate guest for house 1,2,3.

This area is famous for ski area. So, she thinks she can find enough customers during winter in Japan.

She does not know enough Japanese language. So, she orders me to act as interpreter for this process.

She prepared architectural floor plan and informed me of address of the properties.

I check the floor plan and acquired necessary documents from legal affairs bureau and checked zoning of these properties.

Though there was a school close to these properties, it was not within 100 meters.

So, there was not problem.

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