How to acquire very valuable information of real estate in Japan**

When persons ask me to find real estate in Japan, they sometimes say
” I want to purchase a real estate that is located in center of Tokyo, relatively new and high yield on investment ”
yamanote real estate
But, if there is a very valuable information of real estate, many investors will pour in. So, while you are deliberating, such real estate will be sold out.

In the case of skilled real estate investors in Japan…..

She specifies acceptable negative provision and let her realtor know in advance.

For example, even if a real estate is not located in Tokyo or Kanagawa prefecture, or even if there was a suicide inside the house, or old fashioned lavatory (from which night-soil may be collected)  is equipped with, or it is far from station, or year of house is over 40 years, or in the case of building apartment, more than half of all rooms is vacant, or even if there is a graveyard next to the house, as far as she has a chance to purchase it at reasonable price compared to amount of rental income, she is willingly to purchase it.

Of course, she does not purchase a real estate that has crucial defect. But, she notifies her realtor about her permissible range.

Another expert investor purchased a real estate that everyone was not interested in for over 6 months.
And after she purchased it, all of rooms were occupied with renters and now she receives enough rental income from it.

If you want to start your investment in Japan, you need to specify your permissible range and let me know.
I will look for your suitable real estate with you.


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