When you foreigners want to engage in agriculture in Japan, you may have to know about regulation about it.

So, here I want to explain it. This is about Technical Intern Training Program in Japan.

You foreigners come to Japan to work with accepting organization (hereinafter call “farmers” ). The farmers has to keep labor standars law after farmers accept foreigners.

the technical intern visa status was produced.

Technical Intern Training Program has 2 categories. The first one is aimed to learn or study about agriculture. It is similiar to overseas student. And another is aimed to learn more practical technique.

Agricultural Cooperative or business cooperative accept foreigners. In 1st year, foreigners enter into Japan as technical intern visa status (1).

Then, foregner has to pass through test of your skill about agriculture.

When,you pass this test, you can change your visa status to technical intern (2) and then you can stay in Japan within 3 years .

There is regulation about number of foreigners that farmers can accept. In the case of private farmer, they can accept within 2 foreigners.

Term of technical intern is within 3 years in total of technical intern (1) and technical intern (2).

Requiredments for foreigners

Over age of 18. There must be necessity to learn the skill in Japan, because Foreigner cannot learn the skill in their home country.

The foreigners must be scheduled to work in profession where foreigners can use the skill efficiently that they have learned in Japan .

The person whom their home country or municipal organization recommends.



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