② how to find real estate in japan even if you do not know japanese language**

 If you can not understand Japanese language but you want to find real estate by yourself, you have to know which website you can find it.

If you search in Yahoo or Google with the words like “Real estate in Japan”, you can find some website written in English.
But, these website are mainly advertising expensive apartment in very urban area.
I wonder why many foreigners are living in expensive apartment.

If you contact local real estate company, you may find more affordable real estate in Japan.

Of course, website of such local realtor is written in Japanese language.

So, now I will explain how to search real estate in Japanese language website.
(By the way, I can look for suitable real estate for you if you order me. I will not charge any fee for that.)

At first you search in Yahoo, Google with “不動産 東京” or ” 不動産 勝どき”。

不動産 means real estate,
東京 means Tokyo Prefecture.
勝どき is area in Chuo-ku(chuo ward) in Tokyo prefecture.
By the way, there are 23 wards in Tokyo.
Some of them are like this map.

ward in tokyo

ward in tokyo

Most of case, it is convenient for you it is near to your office or school.
But, price of real estate at center of Tokyo ( Chuo-ku, Minato-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Bunkyou-ku, Shibuya-ku, Meguro-ku) is very high.

On the other hand, price of real estate at Adachi-ku, Katsushika-ku is more reasonable.
But, I think it is still expensive.
In that time, you will look for apartment in neighboring prefecture.
Neighboring prefecture is like this map.

neighboring prefecture

neighboring prefecture

Saitama(埼玉県), Kanagawa(神奈川県), Chiba(千葉県), Ibaragi(茨城県) prefecture are neighboring to Tokyo prefecture.
Actually many people are living in these prefecture and commute to Tokyo to work or Study.
Do you know average commuting time who are working in Tokyo is  over one hour on one way ?
Because, real estate within Tokyo prefecture is very high.
When I consider whether if the price of real estate is reasonable or not, I compare the real estate price with rental fee.
If the real estate price / rental fee in certain area is higher than other area, I will look for real estate in other area.
You can see this comparison between government appraisal real estate price and rental fee in list.
And you can also see Comparison between sales price of used apartment and rental fee in same ㎡
Nextly, Please look at how to find real estate in website written in Japanese language


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