How to find a renter for your real estate in Japan. No,1…

If you have purchased real estate in Japan, you need to find a renter for your real estate in Japan.
When you purchase a real estate, there may be a renter. But your renter will leave your real estate someday.
And in Japan, most of landlord order realtor to find renters for their real estate.
And you need to pay fee for your realtor.
However, before you order a realtor, you need to know about system of realtor’s fee relating finding a renter.
Otherwise, your realtor may try to deceive money from you, or your realtor does not have any motivation to find a renter for your real estate.

Assumed a woman invests in real estate in Japan. She has ordered a real estate company in Japan to find a renter for her real estate. Then, the real estate company finds a renter for her.
In that case, this real estate company receives money from her and a renter.
If the amount of rental fee is 60,000 yen, this real estate company will receive 120,000 yen in total.

However, this is very basic case and you should know other cases.

➡ Assumed a woman invests in real estate in Japan.
Though there are 10 rooms in her apartment building, there is not a renter.
But, she prefers to purchase such kind of property.
Because, she can purchases it at lower price. Former owner was suffering from vacant rooms and already lost his enthusiasm to manage his investment.
He just wanted to throw way his garbage.

Anyway, she has purchased her property at lower price.
If she can occupy all her rooms with renters, yield on investment is over 40 %.

So, she has contacted local real estate company to find renters.
Then, a person of local real estate company has promised to advertise her house, apartment on the website on the internet to find renters.

Several days later, 2 persons find her property on the internet and contact the real estate company, then look at it on the spot.
But unfortunately they has not decided to rent it.

Then, she may think that she should reduce the amount of rental fee.

But, she needs to take any action other than reducing the amount of rental fee.

Even in the case of newly built apartment or house, only 30 % of all visitors decide to rent it.

So, only 2 visitors are not enough to judge if the amount of your rental fee is too high or not.

The most important matter is that she should collect more visitors to her property.

When she tries to find renters to her property, she  orders real estate company to find it.

But, has her realtor really advertised her property among many people ?

If her realtor has published her real estate on several websites, media, it is nice.
But, she needs to confirm if realtor has really published it on several websites.
And she needs to confirm the content of her advertisement.

( If her realtor is bad person, the realtor can deceive money from her. Assumed that she orders her realtor to find a renter without key money. Then, her realtor publishes advertisement of her real estate with key money. And when her realtor finds a renter, he receives key money from the renter secretly. )

In the case she orders a realtor to find a renter, if a renter is found for her real estate, she will pay advertisement fee for the realtor for one month rental amount.
( If her property is located in area where there are too many investors looking for their renters, the amount of advertisement fee is more than one month. And sometimes, many owners are looking for renters without demanding deposit and key money. In the case you are going to purchase an investment property in Fukuoka prefecture and if many of apartment there are looking for renters without deposit and key money, it may mean that there are too many vacant apartments there.  )

If she has not confirmed whether her realtor is actually advertising her real estate or not, it is risky.

Actually, realtor does not want to share information of her property among many people.
Because, if the realtor can find a renter by himself, he can receive money from both her and renter.
( Legally speaking, when a realtor receives fee from a renter, he cannot receive fee from her.
So, he may receive money from her as advertisement fee. This is a kind of evasion of the law. But, she wants to find a renter ASAP. So, she will pay this money. In the case situation for finding a renter is bad, she will need to pay advertisement fee for more than one month’s rental fee. )

He will publish information of her apartment inside his shop.
And if he can not find renter for a while, he will share the information with other realtors.

So, in order to avoid such situation, she needs to confirm the situation.
She can ask her real estate company ” How do you advertise my real estate ? “


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