how to operate airbnb business in Kyoto, Japan

Assumed that you (non resident of Japan) owner real estate in Kyoto, Japan.
In the case of Kyoto, some of place is designated as exclusive residential zone.
(住居専用地域).So, you can operate airbnb business (small scaled hotel business) from 15th, January to 15th, March.
(if you can stay with your guest in the same house, this regulation is not applicable. You can operate airbnb business up to 180 days per a year)

If you start airbnb business (minpaku business) from January 15th 2019, you need to display notice that says you will start minpaku business 20 days prior to January 15th 2019.

If you are not living in the house, you are not renting out the house in ordinary way, you need to prepare any proofs that you are using this real estate at least once a year.

You need to hire registered management company (住宅宿泊管理業者) who is located in 10 minutes distance from your real estate.

Then, with my help you will prepare documents and submit it to city hall.

Once this minpaku registration is submitted, officer of kyoto city hall comes to your house to inspect it.

When this minpaku application is granted, we need to receive plate at city hall.
It can not send it to us by post.

Before you apply for minpaku registration, you need to install necessary fire prevention facilities.

After you install fire safety equipment, a person of fire department comes to your house to inspect situation.
In that time, carpet, curtain that is not fire proof should be removed.

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