Introduction of real estate in Saitama, Japan

In this page I want to introduce cheaper, reasonable real estate in Japan.
Some of you are going to study in Japan or work in language school.
In that case, you do not want to spend large amount of money for your residence.
If you find your favorite property in these pages, please contact me.
I will confirm if the seller is still looking for buyer.
And even if the property is already sold, I can look for property on behalf of you.
In this way, you do not have to waste your time to find property.

high yield

Please look at this advertisement.
Price of this property is only $16500 .(in this website, $1  means 100 yen.)

You can get property right of this apartment by paying this money.
Of course this apartment is NOT located in center of Tokyo.
However, you can go to Tokyo from the nearest station of this apartment (Fujimino station in Saitama prefecture.) within 1 hour by train.
Average rental fee of this apartment is $400 per a month. So, if you buy this apartment for investing, gross yield will be $400 × 12 ÷ $16,500 × 100 =29 %
If you buy this apartment for your residence, you do not have to prepare guarantor.
Even if you do not have working visa status and studying visa status, you can purchase this property without problem.
And when you leave Japan in the future, you can sell this property and collect some money.

train map fujimino In saitama prefecture, Japan

train map fujimino In saitama prefecture, Japan

Other property

Apartment in Omiya ward, Saitama city, Yield 7%, Nice location


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