How to buy farm land ( = agricultural land =nouchi ) in Japan

Outline of buying farm land ( Nouchi = のうち ) in Japan.

In this page, I will explain about how to buy farm land in Japan.

When you buy real estate, property, lot, apartment  in Japan, you do not have to receive permit from authority.

So, as long as you pay money to seller, you can acquire property right.

( When you pay your money, you have to confirm the person in front of you is true owner of right estate.

In the case,  you pay purchase money to a person who says he is a owner of the real estate, even if your name is registered in real estate registry, you can not obtain property right ( Shoyuu ken ) unless the person is real owner.  )

But in the case of farm land, you have to get permit from agricultural affairs committee (= 農業委員会=Nougyou iinkai ).

Even if buyer is Japanese national, this permit is required.

Without this permit (農地法の許可書= Nouchi hou no kyokasho), even if you pay purchase price, you can not get property right to the real estate.

And you can not register your name and address in real estate registry.
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The certificate of the permit is necessary to registration of title transfer.

Japanese government think that we should preserve, keep certain amount of agricultural land, farm land ( 農地= Nouchi )

Japanese government hope to keep suitable the food self-sufficiency ratio = Shokuryo jikyu ritsu = しょくりょうじきゅうりつ.

That is why, if you try to change farm land into residential land, it is not easy.

If such permit is not required, many developer  will buy agricultural land and convert it into residential land and establish building on it.

Because, the selling price, appraisal value of farm land is cheaper than residential lot.

If the appraised value of farm land is not cheap, farmers need to pay a lot of property tax = kotei shisan zei, and farmer will stop farming.

Then, it will decrease food self sufficiency ratio.

So, if you buy lot in Japan, you have to check real estate registry in legal affairs bureau.

Moreover, even if the land is registered as residential land ( Takuchi ), if it is appraised as farm land, you still need to obtain this agricultural land permit.

In addition to this, when you rent farm land, this permit is also required.
Without this permit, the lease contract is void (無効=mukou).

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In next page, I will explain about necessary documents to get this permit of agricultural land law in Japan


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