introduction of real estate in Fukuoka, japan

I have found high yield investmnent in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.

Fukuoka is far from Tokyo.

According to Magazine “MONOCLE” published in England reported Fukuoka is the 17th livable city in the world.

Among Japan, Tokyo is 3rd and Kyoto is 20th in the world according to this survery.
Now, popularity of Fukuoka is increasing in the world.

Sale price  $21000

Annual income from rent  $3,960

Yield on investment   18.85%

Location  Fukuoka city Chuo ku

8 minutes walk from the nearest station.

Room area   15.93m²

You can purchase this apartment without any kind of visa status and address in Japan.
If you want, you can buy this real estate by name of your company’s name.
And if you want to incorporate in Japan, I can handle it.
Because, my job is judicial scrivener in Japan. I can manage this job legally for you.

fukuoka, real estate, property, apartment

fukuoka, real estate, property, apartment


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