Real estate in Kawaguchi city, Saitama prefecture xx

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Nearest station : Kawaguchi,  9 minutes walk.
It takes 24 minutes by train from Kawaguchi station to Tokyo station.

Selling price : 3,800,000 yen

There is not balcony in this apartment.
So, price is affordable.

This apartment is 3 stories building. Number of rooms are small.
So, in this case, Apartment Management Fee and reserve fund for repair is higher than tall building.

Year of built : 1985

prospective rental fee : 47,000 yen

So, gross yield on investment will be 47,000 yen × 12 months = 564,000 yen
564,000 yen / 3,800,000 yen = 14 %.

In case of this apartment, cost to filing registering ownership transfer will be about 150,000 yen.
Fee for realtor will be about 180,000 yen.
( If you order me, I will find realtor with cheaper fee. )
Settlement of real estate tax, immediate Apartment Management Fee, reserve fund for repair will be several 10 thousands yen.

In general, purchasing cost will be about 10 % of transaction price.
So, when the price of real estate is 3,800,000 yen, buyer needs to pay 380,000 yen as additional cost, like registration tax, fee for realtor, judicial scrivener.


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