How to get hotel license in Japan ( budget hotel = 簡易宿所 )

The Hotel Business Law ( 旅館業法 ) defines four types of ryokan business in Japan:

the hotel business The number of rooms should be more than 9
the ryokan business  Japanese style hotel. The number of rooms should be more than 4.
the budget hotel business Kan i yado sho = 簡易宿所
the lodging business Geshuku = 下宿. Your guest needs to make contract to stay in your inn over one month

In this page, I will explain how to obtain license, permit to statrt the budget hotel business ( Kan i yado sho = 簡易宿所 = 簡易宿泊所 ).

The budget hotel ( Kan i yado sho = 簡易宿所 ) is where you can accommodate several guests at share house.

These facilities are included in the budget hotel.

In order to operate hotel or ryokan, you need to prepare large building.

But, you can operate this the budget hotel business with moderate house.
If you purchase detached house with enough space, you can operate this business legally.

( In the case of apartment, you need to obtain permit form apartment association.

But, they will never give you such permit. Because, most of residents do not like tourists live in the apartment.

They will worry about deterioration of public order. Once neighbors have found your illegal operation, they will let authority know. )

When you operate the budget hotel business in Chuo ward, Tokyo prefecture, you need to obtain authorization from Chuo city hall.

So, when you have prepared necessary documents to apply for hotel business, you can submit it to Chuo city hall.

In the case, you need to pay about 10,000 yen as their fee.

In order to obtain this authorization from Chuo city hall, your real estate should be equipped with necessary facility.

The facility should be equipped with following facilities.

ventilation facility
lighting facility
anti damp proof facility
sanitary facility etc.

During your operation, investigator from authority will visit your facility to confirm status of your operation.

So, you need to keep your facility clean.

When you operate your hotel, you need to keep hotel register (  Shukuhakusha meibo ).

So, your guests need to fill in their name and address, occupation, sex, place of her last stay, destination, date of arrival, date of departure, room number, nationality, number of passport,  in the hotel register.

In the case a guest is non resident of Japan, you need to take scanned copy of his passport.

You need to prepare register of your employees.

And your employees need to following items.

full name
content of work
date of assumption

You also need to prepare following person and items.

director ( responsible person ) of each hotel.
You need to show room charge where your guest can find easily
You need to put number place for each room
You need to put plate that clarifies capacity of each rooms
You need to prepare clean quilt cover and pillow cover and sheets  of futon and exchange them for each guest.

In the case situation of your operation is violating of standard necessary, they can order you to improve it or revoke authorization, or prohibit from operating your business.

The room area shared by guests should be more than room area that is not shared by guests.
rule of room area of hotel business japanrule of room area of hotel business japan each room
how to obtain hotel license Japan, floor plan
Your facility should be equipped with bathroom.

But if there is a public bathhouse in neighborhood, it is not necessary.

You need to prepare shoe cupboard.

You do not need to prepare front desk in your budget hotel ( law was changed in 2016. ).

In the case, you do not provide meal at your hotel, you do not need to prepare kitchen.

You need to prepare suitable number of lavatories.

The number of necessary lavatory ( stool ) is different depending on municipal government.
In the case of chuo ward Tokyo prefecture, if the capacity of guests is 5 or less than 5, you need to prepare at least

2 stools.

And you need to prepare one lavatory for male and female.
And you need to prepare these lavatories for each floor.
So, in the case of most of apartment, there is one stools.
So, you can not obtain this budget hotel license ( of course, hotel license and ryokan license, neither ).

In the case, your real estate is located within 100 meters from kindergarten,nursery school and other kind of school, city hall will confirm with related authority whether city hall can issue authorization or not.

When the number of tourist increases, the number of strangers will increase. It may cause deterioration of public order in the neighborhood.
When you operate hotel, ryokan, budget hotel business, it is preferable that you are stationed in the hotel all the time.
Because, when your guests have made trouble, you need to solve it by yourself.
However, if you take necessary measurement to prevent from trouble, you may be able to obtain license.
It differs depending on each city, town.

1  You need to take necessary measurement to sustain good moral of neighborhood.
For example
You can prepare web camera and find entrance and exit of guests.
You can meet with guest at administrator’s office and fill in hotel register.
You can go to your hotel with your guests and pass key of room.

2  You need to prepare necessary measurement to solve problem in the case of accident.
For example
1)  You can prepare communication tool between guest room and administrator’s office
2)  You are stationed close to your hotel in order that you can visit your hotel right away.
3)   You can prepare handbook to sustain safety of guests.

3  You need to prepare notification board to your guests

You need to prepare notification board that your guests need to keep.
For instance, your guest can not make noise or any activity that makes trouble for neighborhood, measures for fire prevention, you can not smoke while sleeping etc. .

4  You need to make rounds to your hotel.
You need to make rounds to prevent your guest from making trouble with neighboring persons.
5  You need to prepare complaints counter

Necessary documents to make application for the budget hotel business license in Japan.

1  Application form of hotel license authorization.

( In this paper, you clarify condition of your facility. )

2   Scanned copy of Kensa zumisho = certificate of completion of building.
3  Map of neighborhood.

( Authority wants to know whether there is a school in neighborhood or not. )
4 Building floor plan ( Tatemono zumen ).
In this paper, you can know accurate room area etc.
how to obtain hotel license Japan, drawing of building tatemono zumen
5  Drawing of front view, side view.
6  Drawing that can clarify lighting, water, drainage pipe, ventilation facility.
7  Scanned copy of articles of incorporation.
( Teikan. In the case, you operate your hotel under the name of company. ) and certified copy of commercial registry ( It should be  issued within 6 months before application ).
8  Fee of 11,000 yen ( In the case of Chuo ward. )

Once you make application for hotel business license with city hall, you will receive authorization from them.

However, in order to operate hotel business ( Even if that is the budget hotel business ), your facility should be equipped with fire prevention facility.

So, before you purchase a real estate, you need to confirm with fire prevention department ( shoubou sho ) .

And in the case, the number of capacity of your hotel is more than 29, you need to appoint fire prevention manager.

In order to be fire prevention manager, you need to pass the test carried by local fire prevention department.

Moreover, as for matters relating to building standard law.

Assumed that you purchase real estate and operate the budget hotel  there.

If the room area of your building is more than 100 ㎡, you need to make application for change of intended usage.( =Yoto henko = 用途変更 ).

For example, you purchase a real estate and the intended usage of the real estate is residence.

But, now you are going to use the real estate as budget hotel.

In that case, you need to apply for change of intended usage.

 This is stipulated in building standard act.

In the case, you provide meal to your guests, you need to obtain permit of restaurant business.

And in order to obtain this permit, you need to appoint ” food sanitation supervisor = shokuhin eisei sekinin sha “.

In order to assume “food sanitation supervisor”, you need to take lesson and receive certificate of ” food sanitation supervisor = shokuhin eisei sekinin sha “.


In next page, I will explain ” How to get hotel license ( In the case of large hotel. )

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