rental Apartment in Wako city in Saitama prefecture

Even if you try to find affordable apartment for rent in Japan, you are not able to find it easily.
As you know, most of apartment for rent requires guarantor.
However I can find a lot of apartment that does not need guarantor.
This is one of it.
If you are working or studying in Tokyo prefecture, and do not want to pay high rental fee for apartment, you can find affordable apartment in neighboring prefecture.

Address : shimo niikura, wako city, saitama prefecture, Japan

transportation : 15 minutes walk from wako city station.

rental fee : 400 USD

key money : 380 USD

Room arrangement : 1K

Room area : 22.31 ㎡

Guarantor is not required.

tment for rent in Wako city, Saitama prefecture

apartment for rent in Wako city, Saitama prefecture, Japan

wako apartment trainmap

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