Buying Real estate without hiring seller’s side realtor in Japan***

Nowadays, even if  you can not understand Japanese language, you can acquire information of real estate on the internet. ( Though, if a real estate is very valuable, you cannot get information of it on the website.   )

However, these information are displayed on the website of real estate company.
Then, if you have found attractive real estate, you will contact the real estate company shown on the website.

Then, you will look at the real estate on the spot with employee of the real estate company.
If you have decided to purchase it, you order the real estate company to intermediate it.
At the same time, you will conclude the contract to pay fee for the realtor.

And almost all of realtors charge maximum amount of realtor’s fee.
( Please refer to how to calculate the amount of realtor’s fee in Japan.)

Thus, in the case you purchase a real estate of 30 million yen, you need to pay them about 1.3 million yen.

However, there are some real estate companies they do not charge such mount of fee.
There are some real estate companies who do not charge any fee for buyer at all.

They can charge ordinary fee for seller and they can manage their business.

Surely, quality of their task is as same as other expensive real estate company.

Unfortunately, there are some real estates that you can not purchase it by these advanced real estate company.

But, at least it is better for you that you ( actually, I will do. ) confirm with these advanced real estate companies if they can intermediate the real estate or not.

Of course, these advanced real estate company can not understand foreign language.

But, when you order me, I will confirm with these advanced real estate companies on your behalf.

So, when you have found any attractive real estate in Japan on the internet, please contact me.
I will confirm with these real estate companies on your behalf.

Here I will introduce some Real estate companies who does not charge fee for buyer.

Most of real estate company will charge buyer maximum amount of fee.

But, when I look to some Real estate companies who does not charge fee for buyer, there are some companies.
These companies can charge fee for sellers and sustain their business.

If you contact with me, I can find another charge free realtors.
free of charge realtor

free of charge realtor2

You can purchase a real estate without paying brokerage commission fee for real estate company.


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