renting an apartment in japan**

In these pages, I will explain how to rent a apartment, office, real estate, detached house, property in Japan.
There are some real estate companies in Japan that display advertisement of apartment looking for renters.
But, most of them are written in Japanese language.
And some realtors are making their website in English language.
However these realtors are displaying only expensive, luxurious real estates located in center of Tokyo, and the amount of them are very small.
Actually there are many apartments, houses, offices that look for renters.

Especially in rural area, there are cheap, affordable apartments.
If you can not understand Japanese language, there is possibility that you pass suitable, reasonable, affordable apartment.
But now I will assist you to find your apartment for you.
You do not have to use your precious time to look for your residence.
You do not have to understand Japanese language at all.
If you tell me your demand, I will look for it on behalf of you.
In these pages, I will explain how to rent apartment without understanding Japanese language.
At the same time, I will lecture you necessary knowledge to rent real estate in Japan.

Introduction of rental apartment in Saitama prefecture( neighboring prefecture of Tokyo prefecture)


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