Buying real estate in japan and role of realtor**

Buying real estate in japan and role of realtor

If  do not want to pay fee for realtor, you have to pronounce in advance.

When you find favorite real estate in realtor’s website, you call to them and say that you are interested in this real estate.
And please confirm if you have to hire realtor to buy the real estate.
Then their answer will “Most of buyers hire realtor to buy real estate. Because, it is safe to proceed transaction.  Real estate is very expensive. So, I recommend you to use real estate company.”
Then you ask again, “Is there obligation to hire real estate company to buy real estate in japan ?”
And they will say “There is not obligation to do that.”
In this case, realtor can get fee only from seller. So, realtor will make sales contract and detailed information.
Because, it is their job as agent of seller.

But, if you do not hire realtor, you can go to the real estate by yourself.
And you have to collect important information by yourself.

Or if you can find someone who can collect such information for you (In order to do that, some legal knowledge will be required. I have a experience to assist foreigner who bought real estate without hiring realtor. Of course, I am not a realtor, I can not charge brokerage fee)

When you hire realtor, they will explain about important matter in the property. And it will take 1 hour to explain.
Because, there are many important points when you purchase real estate.
If you are confident that you can collect such information by yourself, or you do not need such kind of information, you can buy realty without assist of real estate company.

When realtor make contract, it is not written in foreign language.
So, you have to find some interpreter or ask me to translate it.

And there is possibility that seller demands that buyer should also hire realtor to buy real estate.
There is not specific reason.
It may be because seller wants to avoid trouble, or it is convention in Japan or something.
And there is possibility that owner insists on that he will not sell the property for you without using realtor.
In that case, you have to select whether you give up buying the property or hiring realtor.

Now, you have decide to buy specific real estate, apartment, lot, house, homestead, premises, villa.
Next I will explain expenses, cost related to real estate in Japan.


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