how to calculate road sides land price ( Rosenka = 路線価 )**

Here I will explain about Roadside land price ( Rosenka ) in Japan.

In urban area, Japanese government prices roadsides land.
This price is used for calculation of inheritance tax, gift tax.

But, this price is sometimes used for reference of particular land value.
In this page, you can find roadsides land price.
roadsides land value sample ginza

In this map, 10480 means 10,480,000 yen.
So, land price of 1 ㎡ that faces to this road is 10,480,000 yen.

You can specify object lot by address, not lot number ( Chiban ).

When a land faces to 2 or 3 roads, calculation formula is more complicated.
But, I will not explain here.
Just in case, I will show you picture to explain it.
how to calculate rosenka,


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