There are many affordable properties in the suburbs of Tokyo.

hakata apartment

hakata apartment

Please do not waste of your money when you purchase real estate in Japan.
When you search for real estate via website written in English, you only find expensive real estate in Japan.
But please remember that there are a lot of affordable properties in Japan.
Local realtor in the suburbs of Tokyo handles with affordable real estate.
And there are 47 prefecture in Japan.
When you look for property in other prefecture, there are many cheap properties.
In rural area, there are some traditional Japanese house looking for buyer.
Of course, these local realtors can not understand foreign language.
Even if you find their website, these are written in Japanese language.
But in that case, I will translate necessary information into English language and explain details in English.

Realtor who can handle with foreign language is located in very urban area like Minato-ku, Meguro-ku.
Therefore their items are also located in urban area.
And if price of realty is high, their fee is also high.
Because their fee differs on price of real estate.

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